Consider a firing squad. In the olden days, it was the practice with firing squads to give some soldiers blanks. That way, no one knew which of them delivered the killing bullet, and thus they all evaded the guilt of responsibility. Are you dizzy? You might be, for look how quickly we have moved. In the blink of an eye we see responsibility diluted, from hundreds of millions to a mere dozen.

And let’s go further, even if the thing in question is perhaps, somewhat, “your fault” well, who are you? Are you not the product of your parents, with their flawed genetics, their horrible neglect or their invasive monitoring or some combination of the two? Are you not the person they made you to be? Yes, you are. You had no choice. Therefore, it is quite simply Not. Your. Fault.

And now the second part. I don’t care anyway. Now this is trickier. Apply it to Climate Change, and OH! I can feel you already prickling in your seats, this book is becoming a potato in your hands, hotter than the issues it discusses. Of course you care! You care. You care deeply about the polar bears, about Tuvalu, Maldives and the Philipines and all those not-white people, thousands of miles away. You care about disappearing bio-diversity, you care that the poor people once again will have this tragedy heaped upon their shoulders, their children will be, once again, the ones who die. You care!

You think.

You don’t do anything, really, you aren’t changing your life, per se, you’re not really even voting for change, rather against it really, but don’t tell you that you don’t care, because you do. You do care.

Well.  To that I ask: Do you? Really? Do you really? Really?


I submit to you that you don’t care. That society has changed, at some point, and we simply stopped caring. The change has come and no one knows why. Was it the media? Was it horror movies? Was it violent video games that hardened all our hearts? No one knows. But one thing is certain: It wasn’t my fault, and I don’t care anyway.

And neither do you.