An excerpt from It’s Not My Fault… And I Don’t Care Anyway:

Chapter 1: You are your own HERO!

If you are holding this book in your hands, then you have already begun on your life’s most important journey. Your path is thorny and dangerous, and contains monsters so fearsome it is as if you designed them in the nightmares of your childhood, and this is because you did. It is a Hero’s journey, and its object is the rescue of an innocent, locked away in a tower lo these many years. The final monster is the most fearsome of all, a great dragon, with claws of guilt, and breath of recrimination, and this disgusting creature currently has full control of your head-castle. He lounges within, corpulent and gross, staining your carpets and befouling your tapestries.

What to do? Shall you seek out a lesser life, and leave your head-castle to the dragon who has stolen it? Or will you put on armour and fight for what is yours?

This book is sword you grasp in your strong right hand, it is a weapon, to be sure, but it is better than that as well. Because it is a teacher.

Heed this sword-teacher, and stab away the ignorance of your former life. The innocent awaits, breathless and bound, for rescue. And if you struggle heroically towards your head-castle, slaying not only the monsters on the path, but the dragon within, you will save the innocent. And when the dragon lies bleeding and the pure one comes blinking into the light, then you will see it was all worth it. Worth ten times ten of what you spent in time and energy and money to get here.

Because the innocent you will rescue is…